“Sam Ali is one of those rare gems: A thorough, accurate and concise reporter who can put the information into a story that sings. Sam's business knowledge and her willingness to apply that to her work and share it with others added even more to her value to the staff. She was a pleasure to work with and thoroughly professional. If I had to put together a "dream" business team, she would be on the roster.” September 17, 2009

Chuck Jackson, Copy Editor at The International Herald Tribune (former Deputy Business Editor at The Star-Ledger)

"I started working with Sam more than a decade ago and quickly came to rely on her to ability to easily explain intricate financial developments, concepts and ideas. Whether it was profiling potential investments, identifying trends or writing breaking news, she is always ahead of the curve. Sam has a unique ability to explain complex stories in a way readers of all levels of sophistication can appreciate and understand." September 22, 2008 --Dave Allen, former Business Editor, The Star-Ledger

"Sam has an unmatched ability to grasp the most arcane and complex financial and economic issues and translate them into terms anyone can understand, often with the help of imaginative analogies and examples. Her depth and breadth of knowledge of the financial markets, coupled with an old-fashioned nose for news, has allowed her to spot trends and stories months ahead of other business news organizations." August 09, 2008 -- T.J. Foderaro, business editor, The Star-Ledger

“Communications professionals often inappropriately confuse tough, tenacious journalism with "unfairness." Sam Ali is one of the toughest and most tenacious reporters currently working in daily business journalism, but that gritty determination comes from what is most important to Sam -- her dedication to getting the facts right, getting the story accurate, and being fair and objective to all sides in an issue about which she is reporting. I had the pleasure to work with Sam for nearly six years in my earlier role as a bank spokesman, and I know she has the right qualities of respect for the truth, fairness, and objectivity. Her coverage of my firm and other banks in the market has always been top-notch.” April 10, 2008 --Steven Lubetkin, Senior Vice President, Consumer Media Relations, Bank of America

"Hi Sam, I just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your reporting - even the bad news - and think that your articles are well researched and insightful." --STEPHEN HEFLER, Vice President, Credit Administration, Northfield Bank

"Sam, I'm a new arrival in N. Bergen, NJ. I've been checking out several newspapers in this area including the New York Times. Your article has influenced me and tipped the scales in favor of the Star-Ledger. I'm not particularly savvy in finances, but have investments and exposure to some of the vagaries of the market. Your explanation of CDOs, CMOs and CDSs is the first that I've understood. Watching the news, MSNBC, and CNBC only tended to confuse me more. Thanks for clarifying." -- Rodney D. Fox, Sr., N. Bergen, NJ